Fashion Knitwear Design, edited with my colleague Helen Hill, was published by The Crowood Press in April 2019.

Knitwear is a highly influential, though sometimes overlooked, element of contemporary fashion. Its simple yet amazingly versatile textile structure offers endless possibilities for exploration. To develop a successful collection the knitwear designer must design both fabric and garment, employing a range of creative and technical skills.

Written for fashion, textile and knitwear design students and young professional designers, Fashion Knitwear Design offers insider knowledge on every aspect of the design process, from research and concept development to manufacture and presentation. It covers a range of contexts, from micro-scale labels to mass production, experimental personal projects to commercial briefs, and traditional techniques to the latest industrial technologies.

This beautifully illustrated book includes:
  • practical advice on key knitwear design skills
  • insights into today’s global industry
  • accessible explanations of structures, machines and yarn types
  • a history of fashion knitwear design and technology
  • career case studies

About the authors
Fashion Knitwear Design is written by the team of specialists who deliver Nottingham Trent University’s highly respected fashion knitwear design courses, including the only undergraduate degree within the UK to focus solely on the subject. With a long history of teaching this distinctive discipline, the university has an international reputation for excellence.The authors have extensive and varied experience of professional knitwear design in all areas of the industry, spanning mass-market production, catwalk fashion, designer-maker businesses, swatch design studios, trend forecasting agencies and groundbreaking research.