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My first book, Folk Fashion: Understanding Homemade Clothes, was published by I.B.Tauris in 2017. 

A dynamic resurgence in making and mending clothes is under way, supported by the connective power of the internet. Although many derive great pleasure from this creative process, stories abound of homemade garments languishing at the back of the wardrobe. Folk Fashion draws on theories of fashion, culture and craft to investigate this tension and examines the complex relationship between amateur making and sustainability.

Using the innovative metaphor of fashion as common land, Twigger Holroyd explores the making and remaking of both individual garments and the wardrobe as a whole. She combines her own experience with first-hand accounts from folk fashion makers to present diverse perspectives on this fascinating, yet under-examined, area of contemporary fashion culture. Looking to the future, the book also offers a vision of how makers might maximise the radical potential of their actions.

'This book is a fashion tour de force. It is clothing where we the people, our ideas and our fingers - nimble or otherwise - matter.'
Kate Fletcher, author of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles and Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion

'Folk Fashion takes an in-depth look at the implications of the handmade clothing movement. It's a must-read for anyone interested in how the act of making affects our world.'
Sarai Mitnick, founder of Colette Patterns and Seamwork Magazine

'This book is an inspiring reminder of the wealth that making brings into our lives. From evoking the spirits of the craftspeople that came before us to creating more meaningful relationships with both the materials and our community as we go, Twigger Holroyd deftly shares what a force folk fashion can be.'
Betsy Greer, author of Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism and Knitting for Good!